Three knots of silver tip badger hair, it is the top of the line in luxury of feel and water retention.  One knot is for myself, the other two I plan to sell to fund the hobby.  All badger comes from China, and these knots took over a month to arrive.
 Literal back of the envelope planning.
 The wood I am using for this handle is an old maple table leg that has some curl in it.
 The blank is rounded and put in a chuck.
 The brush handle slowly emerges from the wood. I wasn't following a set  pattern other than my concept sketch, the shape evolves until I am happy with the proportions and lines.
 A little bit of danish oil brings out the beautiul grain and curl.
 Dry fit, looking like a brush!
 Parted off the stock and mounted on a jam chuck.  This allows you to sand the bottom and apply the final finish.  I chose CA glue applied in about a dozen thin coats for durability.
 All done, the knot is glued in with two part marine epoxy.
 Another handle made out of beautiful African padauk.
 Side by side, padauk on the left, curly maple on the right.
 Last brush in African blackwood.
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